Virginia needs positive leadership that is focused beyond partisanship to solve the problems that confront our communities. Bert Mizusawa was born in a military family In Hawaii and lived around the world and settled in Virginia. He graduated from Kecoughtan High School in Hampton, Virginia, competing in football, wrestling and track. As a veteran and small business owner, Bert Mizusawa understands the issues that Virginia’s families and businesses have to deal with on a daily basis.


Military & Federal Experience
  • Major General, United States Army (retired)
  • Distinguished Service Medal,Silver Star, DSSM, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star
  • Commander of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force – Afghanistan
  • Asst. to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff for Reserve Matters
  • Deputy Undersecretary Army (3-star level)
  • Professional staff, Senate Armed Services Committee

Longstanding Virginia Ties

  • Moved to Virginia in 1966
  • Graduated from Kecoughtan High School in Hampton, Virginia
  • Resident of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads
  • Currently resides in McLean, Virginia
  • President of a Virginia Corporation, Paxcentric, Inc.


  • Valedictorian of his US Military Academy Class at West Point
  • Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School
  • Masters Degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School
  • Masters in Strategic Studies, U.S. Army War College
  • CAPSTONE, National Defense University
  • MacArthur Fellow in International Security

Our current leadership in the Senate does not understand the strategy and tactics needed for our national security. Having served under the Joint Chiefs and as a combat tested commander in the field, Bert Mizusawa believes reforming Washington takes serious people with records of accomplishment.

Bert Mizusawa has seen the consequences of bad policy and inefficiencies that lead to government waste. “It is imperative that we focus on good governance that has a limited role in our individual lives, promotes a free market and works for our shared goals of a prosperous, secure, and free society.”

Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The partisan toxicity in Washington is destroying the fabric of our nation. Government shutdowns, hyper-partisan rhetoric and an inability to communicate is destroying our ability to govern ourselves in a free republic.

Bert Mizusawa stands ready to serve Virginia and take lead in the U.S. Senate. Bert has the tools needed to break through the status quo and deliver results to Virginia’s families and business communities.